About us

Founded in the year of 1989, a family business specialised in the manufacturing and distribution of high quality sports swimwear and fashion beachwear.
Delfina’s production is entirely based in Sofia, Bulgaria, EU, in our own 1200 sq.m. building, which undergoes continuous expansion. Currently 70 well-trained staff work in the production base, as well as dealers and distributors in 24 countries across the globe, making Delfina an internationally recognised brand.
In the beginning, Delfina entered the fashion industry with lingerie and soon after added beachwear to its repertoire. Eventually, we concentrated on swimming and today sports swimwear is the company’s main activity. Along with that, Delfina release an interesting beach collection every year. We present ourselves at major fashion shows in Lyon, Paris and London where Delfina’s first attendance as an exhibitor was back in 2001.
Since 2008 Delfina produce water polo and swimming suits with sublimation custom design prints for the teams. We deliver to clients in the USA, Australia, Singapore, Japan, almost the whole of Europe, and more.
In 2014 Delfina registered 2 styles of custom design swimsuits in FINA. These are the first custom design FINA-approved swimsuits in the world!
For 2018, we are prepared to launch 2 new FINA approved styles. Our aimed direction is the development and establishment of the Delfina brand as a leader for custom design outfits in the world of swimming sports.
Our vision is an unique colourful experience at highest performance.
At the World Championship in Kazan 2015, Delfina was proud to be worn by the world high diving champion Gary Hunt, as well as by 5 other athletes.
At the World Underwater Hockey Championships 2015, both the gold medalists from Turkey, and the silver bearers from Australia were wearing ‘the lucky’ Delfina suits.